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#BlenderState Competition

Blenderstreet has partnered with Playerstate to bring you another great competition. Envision a world taken over by creatives with £1500 in prizes to be won.

Cyberpunk scene by @aaronin3d on instagram.

Entry Requirements


Follow our socials

Follow Blenderstreet and Playerstate on either Instagram or Twitter. We have all the links available below.


Join our discord

We manage our competition through discord. Join our community and monitor the competition through our channels.


Use Blender

Blender must be used as a major part of your pipeline, whether that is to render, model, or texture your work.


Submit Work

Submit your work on Playerstate, for a full breakdown of how to submit your work click below.

Who are Playerstate?

Playerstate are a community driven platform for creatives. Game-lovers can join challenges and earn real prizes by submitting content across tons of categories, such as; in-game clips, drawings, paintings, poems, memes, and so many more.


We have partnered with them so that we have a better place to track competitions and challenges, and for our community to connect and vote on works directly on their platform. We love what they are doing to help creatives, and we think you'll love them too.

Let your creativity go wild

Show your style


Embody Playerstate's user base of game players who's day jobs are artists, designers, musicians, and creatives.


What would the world look like if it was overtaken by creative gamers? Create an environment that Playerstate's user base would live in if they were in charge. Be as imaginative as possible and let your creativity flourish.

A great example

Adobe released an amazing ad 'Fantastic Voyage' in 2020 that really captures a world overrun by creatives.

We don't expect you to create something of this scale but it's a cool video to watch and be inspired by!

The Task

Playerstate is soon rebranding and looking for inspiration for art direction. Playerstate is engaging us to conceptualize what the world would look like if it was taken over or created by creative gamers. You are free to be as imaginative as possible. Playerstate’s community consists of video game players who in their day jobs are artists, designers, musicians, and more.

You can conceptualize characters that embody Playerstate’s user base, an environment, or combine both.


Playerstate are sponsoring the prize pool for this competition. Entries will be judged by both Blenderstreet and Playerstate, and the community vote prize will be based off of the votes made on the week after the competition closes.

1st Place



All winners will be announced at the end of the competition and will receive their prizes following this announcement.

2 x Runner up


All winners will be announced at the end of the competition and will receive their prizes following this announcement.

Community vote


All winners will be announced at the end of the competition and will receive their prizes following this announcement.

How do I submit my work?

Click the link below to take you to Playerstate's platform where you can submit your entry into the competition. There will be a button saying 'Create Submission' Then share your work to instagram, tagging both @blenderstreet and @joinplayerstate with the hashtag #blenderstate and then link to this post on our Blenderstreet discord competition channel. We will be sharing all eligible entries on our stories, and twitter posts, and selected posts may also be shared on Playerstate’s socials. By entering you agree to the terms that your work for this competition can be shared and used by both Blenderstreet and Playerstate (these will not be sold by either as assets or NFTs).

Competition has now ended.


Step 2

Name your submission and add descriptions if you wish to expand on them.


Step 1

Upload your artwork whether that's images, video, or 3D.


Step 3

Fill in the form details so we know who you are and can contact you, and make sure to upload your blender files so we can verify your project.

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