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#BlenderCreed Roundup

To celebrate hitting 30,000 followers on our Instagram we launched our second competition and teamed up with Lionscreed, who sponsored the prize pool for this event.

Lionscreed x Blenderstreet

Lionscreed is an esports team based out of London with a strong emphasis on creating a diverse and inclusive community. Currently competing in Fortnite.

Keeping in the theme of gaming and esports, the competition required entrants to create relevant Lionscreed branded art that could be used as banners or social posts by the team.

There was a prize pool of £250 up for grabs for the winner and 2 runner-ups.

King of the Jungle

We're always a fan of isometric rooms here at Blenderstreet and we loved this submission from Claudio, a young rising architectural visualization blender artist, of an entertainment / gaming attic studio.

There is wonderful attention to detail and we appreciate the and tasteful use of the Lionscreed branding without overpowering the aesthetic of the room. The claw mark in the wood grain was a really nice stylstic addition, and alongside the matching pc gamer setup, arcade machine and console gaming / entertainment area we could really see the Lionscreed pro gamers feeling at home.

Congratulations to @claudiocampoverde99 for taking up first place!

Alphas of the Pack

Claudio was not the only one to submit an isometric room artwork, and this submission by María really takes the Gamer aesthetic to the max.

The dark room and orange ambient lighting combined with the TV embedded into the wall is a real vibe, and with the duo PC setup to the left we can imagine this space to be a perfect co-op environment for a pro team.

We loved all the little details worked in, like the playstation symbols as lights around the TV and the World of Warcraft inspired hanging axe and sword.

An artist with a very stylized aethetic to his work, Prathosh, delivered us a very cute caricature of a gamer wearing the Lionscreed brand and colours on their hoodie.

The quality of the render is outstanding - the lighing is clean, the textures are simple but effective, and the little extra details like the logo branded PS5 controller being held up ties this all together.

It has a nostalgic Xbox 360 Avatar feel to it, and definitely deserves its place in the top 3.

Congratulations to @mafregranda501 and @prathosh.3d for winning our runner up prizes!

Want to be involved in the next competition?

We love running competitions and creating opportunities for 3D artists to win some great prizes while doing so. If you're interested in entering our future competitions then make sure to be signed up to our Newsletter and following us on Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date on when we announce the next one. Keep an eye out on our competitions page also for the rules and guidelines.

If you're a brand or partner and are interested in sponsoring our next competition get in touch with us here! We're always looking for ways to create unique experiences with 3D artists and you'll love the creativity behind the art made around your idea or brand.

See you in the next one!

-The Blenderstreet Team

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