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#BlenderRoyale Roundup

To celebrate hitting 10,000 followers on our Instagram we launched our very first competition in collaboration with Creative Shrimp, who graciously provided a selection of their courses as prizes.

Creative Shrimp are run by Gleb Alexandrov and Aidy Burrows, passionate 3D artists devoted to creating blender courses of incredible depth and quality and at an affordable price. We have been a fan of their work for a while and it was a pleasure to have them involved. Keeping in line with a few popular courses Creative Shrimp is known for, we chose #SCIFI as the theme of our competition.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

There were many great entries into the competition but none quite like Radwan's Scifi inspired isometric room who took home the trophy.

We were impressed with the attention to detail and how clean the lighting and render turned out.

The small things like the little plant, the books and battery charges in the shelves, the cup of tea and the notebook and even the polaroids stuck above the bed really make this room feel lived in and believable.

Congratulations to @Radwanskizz on Instagram for the well deserved first place win!

The Chaser

Uzair Fodkar, a young rising 3D artist, won our runner-up prize for this beautiful piece of work. We absolutely loved the storytelling in the image, of this happy robot chasing glowing butterflies, almost childlike, in an unknown world somewhere in the galaxy.

The colour grading is magical as well and the composition, along with the cityscape and the large planet behind it all bring so many layers of depth into the scene that you can't help to be drawn in.

Congratulations to @uzair_fodkar on Instagram for winning runner-up!

The Honourable Mentions

We had a lot of great entries that didn't make it to the top 2 but were all great pieces of art. These are some of the works that we though deserved to be mentioned.

We found this to be a very interesting design depicting what looks like some kind of Alien Technology Holo Terminal.

It has a very organic 'living machine' look to it that's partly reminiscent to H.R Giger's work and some of the alien tech featured in popular movie franchise Alien.

The dark setting and the moody lighting also worked perfectly with establishing the tone for this render.

A great submission by Des Kitten and worthy of an honourable mention.

A contender for the runner up, 'Hemeroscopium' is described by the artist Jorge Mota as: The place where the sun goes down, for the Greeks. It is an allusion to a place that exists only in the senses, that moves and yet it is a real place. It is dimensioned by the horizon, by the physical limits, its defined by light and occurs in time.

A very unique visualization of what Hermeroscopium is supposed to be. We loved that there was a deeper meaning to this piece of art beyond the scope of the Scifi setting.

Want to be involved in the next competition?

We love running competitions and creating opportunities for 3D artists to win some great prizes while doing so. If you're interested in entering our future competitions then make sure to be signed up to our Newsletter and following us on Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date on when we announce the next one. Keep an eye out on our competitions page also for the rules and guidelines.

If you're a brand or partner and are interested in sponsoring our next competition get in touch with us here! We're always looking for ways to create unique experiences with 3D artists and you'll love the creativity behind the art made around your idea or brand.

See you in the next one!

-The Blenderstreet Team

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