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#Blenderstate Roundup

We partnered with Playerstate to imagine a world taken over by creatives for another Blenderstreet competition with our biggest prize pool to date!

Playerstate are a community driven platform for creatives. Game-lovers can join challenges and earn real prizes by submitting content across tons of categories, such as; in-game clips, drawings, paintings, poems, memes, and so many more. We have partnered with them so that we have a better place to track competitions and challenges, and for our community to connect and vote on works directly on their platform. We love what they are doing to help creatives, and we think you'll love them too. Playerstate was looking for inspiration for art direction in their upcoming rebrand and engaged our community to conceptualize what the world would look like if it was taken over or created by creative gamers.

The Ruler of Worlds

There were some quality submissions this time round, but the Blenderstreet and Playerstate team collectively felt 'Sky City' by Charlie Keillor fit perfectly with the brief and was a fantastic piece of art. We love the distorted BioShock-esque feel and it's clear they paid a lot of attention to detail.

We especially love the train riding through the building and the merge between older buildings with steampunk themes.

Sky City by Charlie Keillor

Charlie had a great description alongside his project as well: For this project I was Inspired by historic urban architecture, and Sci-Fi games and movies like blade runner and cyberpunk. By placing both ideas in a melting pot I've come up with Sky City, an old metropolis hijacked by technological fantasies. To create these models I've drawn on my love for geometric patterns and perspective illusion. I am relatively new to blender and this is one of my first really large scale projects, but I hope you enjoy it! ~ The subway in Sky City winds through the labyrinth of buildings over its now desolate streets. Signs light the way of any traveler looking for a place to rest or game to play. And as the veil of night draws over the looming skyscrapers, machines and people alike congregate inside the grandiose structures to game to their hearts content.

We'd love to see a series of works like this showing different inspirations mixed together. It's certainly an impressive piece from someone who's new to Blender! Congratulations to Charlie for winning first place with £1000 in this competition!

The Alpha Architects

Our runners up were no less deserving of being in the top 3, and this work by

Arshak Abdullah (AK / Arshak101) is an incredible work!

With a Post-Apocalyptic vibe, and great technical skill and texturing It looks like a screenshot straight out of Fallout 4. He even animated it which you can see below.

Desert Concept Art By Arshak Abdullah

This is what he had to say about his entry: I am a huge fan of cyberpunk city or night city, but for this competition I thought something different to make something unique. If I am a gamer I will definitely design an environment like this. Some desert chill vibe, drinking beer, cheer with friend’s and enjoy the moment.

We loved the vibe of what he designed here and his reasoning behind it. He came top 3 in a previous competition to design a game peripheral also, which solidifies him as a top contender in Blenderstreet competitions.

Our next Runner up Amy CR gave us a beautiful concept of turning the world itself into a video game. It's a really fun and interesting take on the competition and deserves its place in top 3.

A World to Play by Amy CR

We personally loved the render with the world inside of the gaming cabinet, making a link to the world being a video game itself.

Here is what she had to say about her work: In a world created by gamers, the world itself would be a video game. I have created an environment with everything that would inspire me to create a gamer world. The arcades, the nights of online chess games, Tetris, Minecraft, neon lights, etc. A clean city that reflects the order of a well-organized gamer setup ready to play. Hope you guys like it!

We sure do like it Amy! Congratulations to both AK and Amy for winning runner up prizes of £200 each in this competition!

The Community King

For the first time in Blenderstreet competition history we've introduced a community vote prize, and Mog.s.u takes the crown with his work below.

Neon City By Mog.s.u

There's definitely a lot that can be said about this. There's so much going on, you have the neon vibes, the spaceships, the endless tech-city with countless attractions, what looks like high speed travel lines, a dabbing Gundam in the background, a dancing holographic rancor? and a glowing cyber-cat onlooking the madness that gamers have created.

His words were:

A world ruled by gamers. A nightscape dominated by bright colored lights where the chances of touching grass is almost zero.

I totally believe it.

Congratulations to Mog.s.u for winning Community pick and £100 in this competition!

The Top Destinations

These submissions may not have won any prizes but are up there with the best and definitely worth a mention.

Desert House by Eray Aydos

If you've followed us for a while on Instagram you know we love isometric scenes, and Eray's desert house is wonderfully lit and rendered. The detailing on the walls with the cracks and the break away to the underlying bricks shows some quality texturing that'd be great for a low poly game asset.

Gamer City by CG_Z.Shan

CG_Z.Shan submitted a Gamer city in which houses and buildings look like gaming peripherals. We love that the rooms are built into an old-style CRT monitor, a creative contribution to the competition.

'A five day break from the old desk job' by Radium235

Radium's submission didn't quite encapsulate what we had in mind for a world taken over by gamers but it's a really nice art render with a nostalgic feel to anyone who's grown up in a high rise city and looked out at night. It envokes a feeling and that's what art is all about.

Chaotic World by Dahawkz0r

Finally my personal favourite submission of all time. This is completely different to anything we've seen in previous Blenderstreet competitions and is just a joy to watch. You can tell Dahawkz0r had a great time working on this with their family - it's funny and so darn cute, all while hitting on the idea of a world influenced by gamers. Although it's not as focused on art made in Blender and is more VFX based, it's a completely unique take and we love to see it.

Want to be involved in the next competition?

We love running competitions and creating opportunities for 3D artists to win some great prizes while doing so. If you're interested in entering our future competitions then make sure to be signed up to our Newsletter and following us on Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date on when we announce the next one. Keep an eye out on our competitions page also for the rules and guidelines.

If you're a brand or partner and are interested in sponsoring our next competition get in touch with us here! We're always looking for ways to create unique experiences with 3D artists and you'll love the creativity behind the art made around your idea or brand.

See you in the next one!

-The Blenderstreet Team

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