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Blenderstreet gets a fresh new look

Updated: May 14, 2022

And we're not just a pretty face now either, we're making some big changes to what we do.

3D. From games, VFX, movies, VR, 3D print, 3D scanning, to more recently NFTs and the metaverse / web3.0 - it's been a continuously more interesting field to get involved in for almost any application. With how much we've advanced with technology and the great efforts of many parties working towards making 3D far more accessible, 3D has never been more relevant than it has today and it's not going to stop there.

Blenderstreet logo
The new blenderstreet logo

Those of you who know us already know us as an Instagram account that shares and curates amazing 3D art from talented artists, both up and coming and established. Some of our more dedicated fans also know we run a discord community for 3D artists as well. Which you can join here.

It has always been our mission to inspire, support a more accessible 3D space and cultivate an educational platform for 3d artists to grow together.

Part of being true to that mission has been running competitions with cash prizes to give opportunities for 3D artists to participate while sharing their progress with each other and growing as a result, and rewarding those who win. It's a unique space for brands to get involved and see user generated content, we have had some very generous sponsors for the competitions so far and we're planning on doing more work with brands to support us in creating bigger and more varied competitions in the future.

But that's just the beginning!

Blenderstreet is about to be a lot more than an art curation account that runs some competitions.

You may have noticed you're reading this article from a snazzy new website and blog - which is going to be the main stage for our next steps.

We've been all about sharing the best 3D art and we're going to continue curating art on our website in sectioned galleries so you can look for inspiration in Sci Fi, Fantasy, Realistic, Stylized, or more, always with links back to the artists who've made them.

We'll also be featuring up-and-coming artists, and getting in touch with industry experts to share their experiences and knowledge with you all.

We're going to dip our hands into e-learning.

Even though the internet has made education on just about anything accessible to anyone with mountains of free and paid information out there, the hardest part about teaching yourself is knowing where to look, and what to look for.

We'll be creating short snippets of content ourselves to help convey industry practices and useful tips and tricks on our blog and newsletter, which you should totally sign up for.

More excitedly we'll be vetting through the plethora of content out there to find the best free and paid 3D educational content for you and curate 'learning paths' to help make learning 3D far more accessible for beginners and help seasoned veterans get inspiration on what to learn next.

Did we mention the newsletter?

The one you should totally sign up for? Which you can do from the bottom of our landing page here.

It'll be a bi-weekly roundup of some of our favourite artworks, and any great finds we come across like useful blender plugins, interesting 3d articles, and any great tutorials we think you should take a look at. We'll also be working on getting promotions on courses and tools, and keeping you in the loop on Blenderstreet news and competitions.

There is a lot more in store for the future of Blenderstreet. There are big plans in the works to create the largest curated resource for Blender and beyond and continue to make 3D learning more accessible while inspiring the artists of tomorrow. - Alan Lavery, Founder of Blenderstreet

Want to get involved?

It's not going to be an easy journey living up to our mission and we certainly wouldn't turn away some help. If 3D is your passion and you're good at sorting the good from the bad, we could use contributers to help research and potentially write future articles here on Blenderstreet, so get in touch with us if that sounds like your cup of tea!

A special thank you to all those who've stuck around.

We couldn't have gotten to where we are without all of you who've followed us, interacted with our posts, and joined our community, or without the 3D artists who shared their amazing renders in the first place. It's been great seeing more people joining us everyday here, and we hope you're just as excited as we are for the future of Blenderstreet.

See you on the other side,

- The Blenderstreet team

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