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#PogStreet Roundup

We teamed up with POGFI to kick off 2022 with a new competition. This was our biggest competition so far with our highest prize-pool to date, and in turn had a fantastic turnout of artists and submissions.

POGFI are a Play 2 Earn Studio who are giving the power back to gamers. They run free-entry tournaments, community giveaways, insightful content, and have a P2E platform (in-development) that allows gamers to make money and earn rewards doing what they love.

Given that POGFI are all about gaming, we launched a competition asking 3D artists to design their own game controllers inspired by the POGFI branding.

Play of the Game

We've had 3D animated video submissions to our competitions in the past but nothing quite like this. Shourya Ranjan hit us with an amazing 'product reveal' style film showcasing his custom RGB VR controller branded with coloured lights and the POGFI logo.

VR Controller by @radium.235

We were impressed with the professional editing and star render quality of this piece. The model was great as well, and the subtle branding introduced to tie it back to the POGFI competition requirements were tastefully done.

We could easily see this as a real razer-esque ad released by a peripheral company, and deserves to the top stop. Congratulations to @radium.235 for winning the first place prize.

The MVP's

We were initially planning to have just one runner up in this competition, but the entries were fierce, so we added an extra £50 into the prize pot to split amidst the two we couldn't choose between.

Controller and Headphones by @daniskg

Another video entry with some beautiful renders by Daniel Skoog. The texturing was done well, the lighting was on point, and we found the POGFI branding also to be subtle but effective. We loved that there was a variety of inclusions in this piece and you can tell there was a lot of work done to bring it all together.

And the video submissions don't stop there, we got a surprising amount of them in this competition and Abdullah Arshak shows off his editing skills with a really cool gaming mouse product animation.

Gaming Mouse by @arshakabdullah

The gamer aesthetic is a lot more prevalent in Abdullah's work, but it's still a very elegant and unique design. It's one of the more custom work submissions that we have seen with and both the renders and the animation do the model justice.

Congratulations to both @daniskg and @arshakabdullah for winning runner up prizes.

The Prime Contenders

There was no end to the high quality submissions - a couple stood out and deserve a mention even if they didn't make it to top 3, but they hell as sure were close.

Gamepad Design by @lumox_art

Lumox's cool submission reminded us a lot of the xbox special skin releases they run on their controllers. The 3D animation was very well executed, the texturing and lighting is gorgeous and we loved the layout of the graphics showcasing the 3 designs. A great entry to the competition.

Gaming Peripherals by @graphiclevien

Levien Graphic gave us something fresh with their entry, bringing together great 3D and graphics design into one. There is just something so clean about the render quality and the little sparkles added that really give it that extra bit of professional touch.

The little bits of text added to the bottom and top make it feel like a concept document being pitched for the design and we just love the way it is laid out. Definitely worthy of a call-out.

Want to be involved in the next competition?

We love running competitions and creating opportunities for 3D artists to win some great prizes while doing so. If you're interested in entering our future competitions then make sure to be signed up to our Newsletter and following us on Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date on when we announce the next one. Keep an eye out on our competitions page also for the rules and guidelines.

If you're a brand or partner and are interested in sponsoring our next competition get in touch with us here! We're always looking for ways to create unique experiences with 3D artists and you'll love the creativity behind the art made around your idea or brand.

See you in the next one!

-The Blenderstreet Team

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